Wireless Multimedia Hub HUB424SQR

Platform : Wireless I/O Hub Features : Split Screens Display, Host Control System, Cross Platform CPU : ARM based RISC Flash : NAND Flash 256MB Resolution : 1280×720@60hz – 4096×2160@60hz I/O : HDMI, USB, Ethernet WiFi : 802.11ac 2T2R, max. bandwidth 866Mbps (5Ghz) WiFi Frequency : 5Ghz 5.150Ghz~5.825Ghz HDCP : HDCP 1.4 Receiver DRAM : DDR3 1GB Key : Reset button and Sync button LED Indication : Power, Ethernet, WiFi status, USB Transmitter Shape : Square Dongle DRAM : DDR3 256MB LED Indication : Power, WiFi status, Connection Key : Mirror and Control button

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